I’m an artist based in Arnhem, The Netherlands. I design invitations, posters, announcements, illustrations, postcards and I do some free work/ fine art.

My work is different styles, technique and purpose. Most likely there is a joke or a very colorfull image. Sometimes my art is more abstract or supports a story (illustration).

I see art as a limitless adventure. This is why I will keep exploring new styles and techniques. I’m always willing to push my boundaries and I’m curious of what that may bring.

The techniques I use are: painting, drawing, collage, printing, sketching, spray paint, murals, stencils, pencil, paint, aquarel, chalk and oil pastels. I like to combine them as well, just the way I please.

Assignments: Here you can find all the pieces I’ve made with a certain purpose: posters, illustrations, flyers, postcards, invitations, announcements, colouring pictures, arteducation.

Free Work: Here you can see all the art pieces I’ve made without a certain purpose. More conceptual or fine art work.

Photo: I make realistic photo’s in the genre of street photography, sport photography, portraiture, documentary photography as well as fine art photography. These photo’s are also a database for me so I can use them to alterate and construct a total new image, sometimes irrecognizable from the original photo.